Advent: what are you waiting for?

These are the resources offered from the Advent resourcing seminar 14 October 2020. Included are:-

  • Artist Jan Hynes images, low res, for non-commercial use. Use with an acknowledgement of the artist. I’ll upload higher res when I can find them.
  • A series of documents with Advent In Art postcard information based on Jan Hynes art – rituals, reflections, symbology in Jan Hynes art, etc – from 2010, written by Mark Pierson. Steal with authenticity and integrity.
  • Angela Blundell, Auckland, New Zealand, Advent Candle Lighting liturgies x 4. Please acknowledge her when you use or modify them.
  • Advent Resources List, compiled 10/20 by Mark Pierson.
  • Christmas Quiz, modified from a now unknown source over the last 3 decades by Mark Pierson .
  • Slides from the 14/10/20 webinar in .pdf format.
  • A couple of sections from Fractals: Alternative Resources for Worship in the Emerging Culture (Mark Pierson, 2004). The original sources for some of these modified readings are also lost to me. My gratitude and apologies to the original authors.
It’s Come Back Positive, Jan Hynes 2002, Oil on canvas, 120x150cm
The visitation: Elizabeth meets Mary at the C-bar over skinny decaf cappuccino and carrot cake. Jan Hynes, 2002, Oil on canvas, 120x150cm

Mary reads up on home birthing which proves to be a good thing. Jan Hynes, 2002, Oil on canvas, 120x150cm

Bonding Time: the nativity in Townsville. Jan Hynes, 2002, Oil on canvas, 80x100cm