Settling In….

Just settling in and wandering around in this website while I get to know the place and who lives here. I’ve just arrived and its all new to me.

As my welcoming gift I’ll leave the Hand Out (HO) for the  24/7 YouthWork Training Prayer morning I’m curating next week. No one has seen this and I won’t be using it until Wednesday next week. So it is a real and valuable memento of my crossing the threshold.  I may change my mind about some of the content, but this is pretty much what I plan to offer them. Once I get used to being here I may upload the 15 pages of Production Notes that support the event and lie behind the HO.

I don’t mind if no one ever visits this site. I plan to use it as a repository for stuff I do in the worship curating field so anyone can help themselves to what they want to adapt for their own setting. It will save me having to find files and respond to individual requests. It will also serve as a filing cabinet for me.

I think by writing so may also write about my journey from time to time to time.  I’m not a very deep thinker, and live in the academic shallows, so I may embarrass myself with what I write. I consider that I am talking to myself in this new home. Others may eavesdrop from time to time. I’ll try to at least ensure I have my underwear on.

Thanks to Louise and Husk Creative for making a warm and comfortable  home for me.

I’m not yet sure where to leave my gift, but I’ll see if I can work it out…

Mark Pierson

Mark Pierson

I've been curating worship for several decades (and coined the term in relation to worship.) I am passionate about the local community of faith and imagining what its worship needs to look/feel/sound/taste like in order to sustain people in their following of Christ in the world.


  1. Nice! Finally! Yes! That’s ok! Keep writing more!

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